Water Soluble Fertilizer


It is a perfect iron source which can be applied to different varieties of soil including alkali and limestone soil containing 6% EDDHA Fe-4.2 ortho, ortho isomer. It is produced to prevent and cure fast the formation of iron clozaril. It is produced in a total water soluble and micro granule form. In this way and compared to the products in the dust form, it provides great easiness in the usage and carriage. It is a formulation without a match that dissolves in the water easily and gets into a form which is useful for the plants. It does not create any problems in the tank like sticking, leaving residue and softening in any kind of water in which it dissolves easily and turns into a useful form for the plant since no coating is used.

Guaranteed Content W/W
Watersoluble Iron(Fe) %6
EDDHA chelated iron(Fe) %6
Ortho-ortho %4.2
Stable chelated ph range Iron(Fe) 4-9

Guaranteed Content W/W
Watersoluble Boron(B) %1.5
Watersoluble Copper(Cu) %0.6
Watersoluble Iron(Fe)- with EDTA chelate %4
Watersoluble Mangan(Mn)- with EDTA chelate %3
Watersoluble Molibden(Mo) %0.05
Watersoluble Zinc(Zn)- with EDTA chelate %4
PH 3-8
Copper(Cu), Iron(Fe), Mangan(Mn),Zinc(Zn)


It is a powder formulation eliminating the symptoms and needed for the micronutrients during the plant growth stage. With the EDDTA chelated micronutrients it ensures the plants’ fast and easy intake of nutritional elements. As a result symptoms in the plant are eliminated; green parts and generative growth are provided at an optimum level and natural high quality crop achieved.

Products Dosage(leaves) Application Period
Open Field Vegetables 100-150gr/100Lt It is recomended to use in any kind of product group from vegetative development stage until the fruit growth stage as 2-3 applications.
Greenhouse Vegetables 100-150gr/100Lt
Citrus, fruit trees 150-200cc/100Lt
Industral Products, weat, cotton, corn, potatoes, sunflower 150-200gr/100Lt
Vineyard(including table grape), meloni water melon, strawberry 100-150gr/100Lt
Ornamentals, cutflowers 100-150gr/100Lt
Base Application: From vegetative growth period until the harvesting period 2-3 applications of 0.7 – 1kg/Da


It is an excellent iron source containing 6% EDDHA Fe-4.2(ortho-ortho isomer) that can be used in all types of soils including limy and alkali soils. It is produced to prevent iron chlorosis formed due to different reasons and to fix it quickly. Both of the two products are pre produced in completely watesoluble micro granular (WG) form. In this way it presents much easier usage and carriage compared to dust formulations. It is a unique formulation which is easily water soluble. Since no coating agent is used, no stickiness to the tanks, residues left behind and bumpiness can be experienced.

Guaranteed Content W/W
Watersoluble Iron(Fe) %6
EDDHA chelated Iron(Fe) %6
Ortho-ortho %4.2
Since its chelated is table Iron(Fe) Ph range is 4-9